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A project for sustainable education in East Yorkshire.

Turning wasteland into a thriving new centre for demonstrating diverse sustainable concepts in action - giving the next generation the tools to think about and build a more sustainable future for themselves.

Project ideas in formation:

Sustainable Concepts:


Sustainability covers three dimensions of interest



It is in the intersects between these overlapping issues, where sustainable projects are focused, where edge dynamics allow diversity of expression and balance.


Society, after all, rests on the interplay between economics and the environment (and its resources).

Renewable Resources for the future:


Plants are the resources of a sustainable future.


Taking lessons from the past and applying technologies of the present, we can re-examine our options. In planning for a plant-based economy, focusing on:



Bast Fibre Renewables are important elements, in a bio-regionally replicable, sustainable solution.

Trees - archaic partnership preserved:


There’s no simpler metaphor of partnership in our history as a species. Yet, we often live our lives without knowing their characteristics or even names, in some cases.  


They clean the air, stabilise water flow and provide food. We breathe out and then, they in. A natural partnership.


So if we are serious about a sustainable future for our children, what better than to collect seeds and plant trees?


It’s an investment which is generational and incremental in its benefit. We’ll add more tree data in due course...

Themes from the future:
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In development during 2010~2012:

Finding out more:


This web site is scheduled to be redeveloped during 2010-12.


Most of the changes will be behind the scenes, for example at:


Other such micro-sites will be added in time, some of which will require you to sign in.  


Come back to check on developments.


“right actions for the future are the best apologies for mistakes of the past” anon.

These and other themes will become micro-sites, within
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