hemp is the renewable resource
  1. prolific biomass resource
  2. absorbs carbon dioxide in large amounts.
  3. low fertilizer and pesticide demand
    (synergizes with microbes for nil chemical use).
  4. will produce highly nutritional foodstuffs, as well as strong and durable fibre.
  5. highly diverse applications for alternative resource use(s)..
Hemp (for Food Fibre and Fuel)
.:sustainable resources:.

Welcome to our hemp archive!

In this section, we share some knowledge about this most sustainable of resources.  


Hemp is one of the most prolific renewable fibre plants on the planet.  

No other single plant resource can be put to as many different uses.


Whilst oil has become the cheapest single fuel and feedstock to our frenzied western economic growth cycle in the last fifty years, the party can’t go on forever.


Hemp was part of our past and maintaining that heritage will serve us into the future.

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Hemp Cloth -
British Hempire

back in the 90's, British Hempire brought us the first quality Hemp Cloth

21 Jan '08

married -
in Hempen green

still in the 90's, Jim & Evey tied the hempen knot - another first?

24 Jan '08

the Hemp Yurt -
by Derek

Derek the developer refining yet another great, green idea

21 Jan '08

pressing for oil -
Cornish style

Hemp Union's Cornwall hemp farm project strikes oil - another first!

07 Feb '08

Hempen economics

Niall Harle’s dissertation - an analysis of agriculture and hemp in the uk

07 Feb '08

Hemp food & recipes

How to cook and why we should eat - more hemp

18 Mar ‘10


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